Dover New Philadelphia OH photographer | project 52 | delicate

Finding Me: Project 52 | week 8 | delicate

I won’t lie. I struggled this week. The snow. The freezing temps. The kids not having school for days on end. Cabin fever has set in. So I almost didn’t even want to participate this week. But instead I forced myself outside when I saw sunshine peeking out one early morning. In my snow boots + jammies + bedhead + no make-up I went tromping around and found these leaves just dangling on and hanging on with all they’ve got. I’m not sure it counts as delicate in most people’s minds, but I see a delicate balance here and hope you can see it too.Dover New Philadelphia Ohio photographer 44663 | © Brandi Williamson Photography | | Project 52: delicate

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Dover, New Philadelphia photographer | project 52 | shine + sparkle

Hello 2015!!! I’m so excited for what this year is going to bring to my life, personally and professionally. Or rather, what I will bring to 2015. 😉 One of those things is Project 52. I’m doing this with a group of photographer friends of mine. Our goals are to keep our creativity up, find ourselves through the camera and mostly to give us a reason to slow down and appreciate the otherwise small moments in our lives. I thought I would try to go one step further and blog them as well. My line of thinking is that it will help to keep me accountable. So here goes nothing….

Week 1 | shine + sparkle

We were a little slow in getting this rolling so we only  had 2 days this week to take the photo. And of course I totally zoned on the gorgeous sunny day we had on Friday and Saturday it was pouring rain. I just had to go with it. My neighbors must think I am a nut job. To get most of the photos I was laying on the ground in the rain with my 7 year old holding a baggie over my camera. LOL I’m sure it’s not the strangest thing I’ve ever done. 🙂© Brandi Williamson Photography | project 52 | shine + sparkleOf course I may have gone a little overboard this week and I couldn’t make up my mind. 😛 So here are the other images I took as well! 🙂© Brandi Williamson Photography | project 52 | shine + sparkle© Brandi Williamson Photography | project 52 | shine + sparkle© Brandi Williamson Photography | project 52 | shine + sparkle© Brandi Williamson Photography | project 52 | shine + sparkle