Dover, New Philadelphia OH lifestyle newborn photographer | 11 days new leo

This family was referred to me by another local photographer, which I love so much and it makes me feel such happiness knowing they love my work enough to refer friends to me when it’s not in their genre of work.

I loved being invited to this family’s home for a lifestyle family session and to photograph their sweet newborn baby boy. Big brother was SO ADORABLE and I just wanted to hug on him and you can just feel the love he has for his new baby brother. I mean, look at him. 😉 So cute! Little Leo didn’t want to sleep much while I was there but I managed to get some sleepy shots in between his bright eyed expressions. New-Philadelphia-Ohio-child-photographerDover,-New-Philadelphia-Ohio-family-photographerDover,-New-Philadelphia-Ohio-newborn-baby-photographer,-44663Dover,-New-Philadelphia-Ohio-newborn-baby-photographerNew-Philadelphia-Ohio-baby-newborn-photographerDover,-New-Philadelphia,-Green-Ohio-lifestyle-photographerDover,-New-Philadelphia,-Canton,-Green-Ohio-lifestyle-baby-photographerDover,-New-Philadelphia-newborn-photographerDover,-New-Philadelphia,-Canton,-Green-Ohio-family-photographerDover-Ohio-lifestyle-family-photographerDover, New Philadelphia Ohio lifestyle family photographer | © Brandi Williamson Photography

Dover, New Philadelphia OH photographer | my life | tree farm photos of my babies <3

Today was a ton of fun. We’ve had the outing planned for awhile to visit the McFadden’s Christmas Tree Farm to do a few photos with the tent made by CoCo Couture. The plan was to get at least ONE shot of my 3 littles together and then anything else was a bonus. I think we did pretty good, yes? 🙂

And then we had a fun/no work day. ❤ I loved every second of it!

My girls’ outfits are from Persnickety (can’t say enough great things about them!!).

hello baby newborn workshop | chicago

Ahhhh, the Hello Baby Newborn Workshop with Emily Lucarz Photography and EllPhotography (also find the new workshop page on Facebook now here). This seems like so long ago, but also feels like it just happened. In truth, it really only was a little over a month ago. 🙂 I *knew* both Emily & Erin from another super secret most awesome-sauce group on Facebook of which I cannot mention the name we are so exclusive (okay so we may not be all THAT exclusive and secret, but, we do consider ourselves pretty awesome ;)). Anyyyyyyyyway, since I knew them online, I knew it was going to be twice as much fun to be able to attend. So, again, I blabber. I wander. Let’s get back to the topic at hand, but hey, I wanted you to know the back story. I enjoy back stories. 😉

Once I was at the workshop in Chicago, with Erin & Emily and with all of the other totally awesome wonderful girls who attended (love them!), I was beyond excited. I learned a ton. A TON!!!! They taught about newborn posing & safety, studio lighting & natural lighting, beanbag & prop posing, lifestyle shooting, how to deal with not-so-sleepy newborns, how to prep the client and of course post processing. This was their first actual workshop together, and I believe they learned a lot too and I am looking forward to the next time they may come near enough to me that I can swing convincing my husband that I simply must go again to pick their brains even more and to see them in action again after they’ve gotten this and other workshops under their belts. They’ve truly got a great thing going for them and I think it’s just different enough to really stand out and put them a step ahead of some of the other workshops out there. 🙂

Now, let’s move on to what you’re really wanting to see, the babies. Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend, and be warned, there are quite a few. But I just couldn’t make up my mind!!

And you know I’ve got a treasure trove of behind the scenes too… Here are some that are postable… You know, meaning nobody is making too goofy of a facial expression that they won’t be upset with me for sharing… 😉 hehe! *Oh and side note here… Let it be known that both Erin & Emily had just recently had babies not long before these photos were taken. 😛

There ya have it. I loved every second of it. It was fun. It was crazy. At moments it was pure insanity (in a good, people everywhere, babies everywhere, Ahhhhhhh! kind of way). I’m pretty sad I didn’t get someone to snag a photo of me with Emily & Erin (other than a cell phone pic on one of their phones…), but that’s just another excuse to HAVE to attend a future workshop of theirs again. 😉