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Oh my word!!! This is a FUN theme!!! You’re for sure going to want to check out ALL of our blogs this week!!! 🙂

I really hadn’t messed around with this type of Photoshopping images so this took some playing and learning on my part. I love that it really pushed me out of my comfort zone!!

The first image I attempted was my oldest daughter, Emma, and her books. She LOVES to read so we wanted to document her in this stage. Her composite was fairly simple. I took a shot of the books stacked up and then I photographed her sitting on a stool and I combined the 2 with some behind the scenes Photoshop magic. 😉 She is so excited about her finished photo that she’s asked if I could print it as a poster for her bedroom. How fun!

New Philadelphia Ohio childrens photographer 44663 | © Brandi Williamson Photography | | Project 52: ImaginationLiam’s photo was quite a lot more difficult. First off, he’s 3 and he’s very much not a fan of my camera. He refused to wear the clothes I chose for him. And we ended up changing up the entire idea and instead went with whatever he decided to do. Isn’t that the typical life with a toddler? LOL I do love the end result though!! Don’t you? He giggles every time that he sees it too and says “Oh I’m small Liam! Look Mommy! That dolphin’s gonna gobble my fishie! Stay awayyyyyy shark! Oh no!” And then all of that is typically followed by “Let’s go! I want a bubble bath please!!!” Love this little boy and his fun imagination!!New Philadelphia Ohio childrens photographer 44663 | © Brandi Williamson Photography | | Project 52: ImaginationIzzy Grace’s chalkboard image was the last one we got around to finishing. She and I discussed what we wanted to do at the beginning of the week but things kept happening and we would put it off another day for one reason or another. (Kind of like the same reason I have yet to call the Preschool up again to set up another date for a tour for Liam?! OOPS!). Isabella’s photo was a lot of fun to execute!! I knew that I didn’t want a generic chalkboard stock image in the background. I wanted it to be HER drawing. So she set to work on that this morning. Then immediately following a studio session on Saturday morning, I told her we would photograph her “flying”. And of course we needed to add in her beloved Duffy Bear who goes everywhere else with her. It’s only natural he would go on a flying adventure through her chalkboard drawing wonderland too!!! 😛Dover Ohio 44622 New Philadelphia Ohio childrens photographer 44663 | © Brandi Williamson Photography | | Project 52: Imagination

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