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Dear Creative Soul

“Do you sometimes feel your progress is slow? Do you sometimes blame yourself for not being talented enough, and not doing enough with your career? Oftentimes the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes circumstances with everyone else’s public highlight reel. Forget what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life. The ONLY photographer you should compare yourself with is the one you used to be!”- Christina Greve

I recently stumbled across Christina’s words about comparison and it hit me like a ton of bricks. She said it perfectly. So I left it alone and decided to share.

noun: comparison; plural noun: comparisons
  1. 1.
    the act or instance of comparing.

We all start somewhere. And 9 times out of 10 that beginning point isn’t pretty. What’s important is that we keep moving. Striving. Working. Learning. Improving. Perfecting. That’s a good point above. What we see from other photographer’s is their highlight reel. We don’t see the imperfect photos that they deleted. We don’t usually see our neighbor’s stressful day. Social Media has been both a blessing and a curse to the way we view the world. We post the best of the best because we want to show that off. We enjoy showing everyone how happy we are and “Hey look at this perfect photo I just took of this adorable new baby?!” And then when we turn around and view our own work, culling a session and we think “Ew. Look at these photos that didn’t turn out. I had something in mind but I couldn’t get the baby to cooperate. This is my fault. My photos aren’t as good as ____. They’re perfect. They were always perfect. I’m sure of it. I’ll never be as good as ____.” Sound familiar? Yeah. I thought so.

So why don’t we put a stop to it all? Every award winning movie star was once a struggling actor. Every great author once was embarrassed to let someone read a chapter out of her scribbles. Every athlete was once out of shape. The same goes for us. Every amazing photographer you see was once just first picking up a camera. It’s a process. Enjoy it! Pick up your camera every day. Keep practicing. Keep moving forward. STOP COMPARING!! Comparison is the thief of joy. The only photographer you should be comparing yourself to is the photographer you used to be. I tell myself this almost daily as a reminder.


Want some photo proof that it gets better? Look at my editing too… even that changes drastically as I’ve grown and learned more about Photoshop and post processing. I am thankful for every stepping stone I’ve had in this journey. 🙂

(PS – All of the before photos are of my own babies 🙂 )

Tuscarawas County Dover New Philadelphia Ohio child and family photographer | comparion | www.brandiwilliamsonphotography.comTuscarawas County Dover New Philadelphia Ohio child and family photographer | comparion | www.brandiwilliamsonphotography.comTuscarawas County Dover New Philadelphia Ohio child and family photographer | comparion | www.brandiwilliamsonphotography.comTuscarawas County Dover New Philadelphia Ohio child and family photographer | comparion | www.brandiwilliamsonphotography.comTuscarawas County Dover New Philadelphia Ohio child and family photographer | comparion | www.brandiwilliamsonphotography.comTuscarawas County Dover New Philadelphia Ohio child and family photographer | comparion |


Tuscarawas & Stark County OH Red Thread Adoption Photographer | NE Ohio

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”

I feel like not many people are aware of this program available to new parents who are adopting or the fact that there are 100’s of photographers nationwide who offer their services, love and time for this organization.

This is taken from Red Thread Session’s website:

About Red Thread Sessions

Red Thread Sessions was started in 2011 by two custom photographers in Texas and Maryland, both whom added to their families through adoption. Feeling the need in their communities to celebrate the beauty of adoption through photography, Red Thread Sessions was born. Soon after, many other photographers throughout the U.S. felt moved to donate their time as well. Red Thread sessions not only captures family portraits of new families, it also capture the precious, happy, confusing, exciting, exhausting, traumatic, life-changing time that is so often brief and fleeting in the life of an adoptive family.

Why “Red Thread” Sessions?

The Ancient Chinese Proverb is a commonly-used saying within the adoption community. It symbolizes the bond that all adoptive children have with their adoptive parents, even before they meet. An invisible “red thread” connects them to the people they are destined to meet. Although this Proverb truly relates to all people, it has a particularly strong connection to adoptive families and seemed like the perfect name for this organization.

 I wanted to also take a few moments and explain why I became a Red Thread Photographer. Even though my husband and I have never adopted, it’s always been something deep on my heart and I find myself drawn to families who’ve adopted. When I was a little girl, my Barbie dolls always had at least 1 family who adopted. I imagine this originally came from my Aunt and Uncle adopting all of their babies, 4 in all, and from all different backgrounds and reasons. I love each and every one of their stories. I also have friends who were adopted and other friends who have adopted or are planning to adopt. I love the heart behind it. The love. The instant bond that makes you a family. It doesn’t matter how you became a family. Just that you ARE. And that right there is why I became a Red Thread Session Photographer. My extended family is made up of all kinds from all over. Some were born into. Some were adopted. Some have been from a divorced family and their father or mother married into our family and we gained cousins and Aunt’s and Uncle’s. I have half siblings and it doesn’t make a difference how I feel about them. Family is family no matter how they arrived. ❤

All that being said, these sessions are free (travel fee’s may apply) and are limited to how many I can accept each year!! In order to comply with the Red Thread guidelines, the adoption session needs to be completed within 3 months of the child coming home (barring any unusual situations where health complications prohibit that from happening). If you are planning to adopt in 2015, or know of someone else who is, and want to reserve a time for one of these sessions please contact me. I offer a free session, your choice of 5 digital images selected from your finished proof gallery and a set of 4×6 proof images with a 15% discount on any optional print/product purchases. Or you can choose one of my full sessions at a 50% discount. View investment information here regarding baby’s first year plans as well as maternity and family session information. Please make sure you’ve viewed my portrait galleries prior to contacting me so that you know your style meshes well with my own. 🙂 Contact me for your own shoot by emailing me at or by clicking here for my contact tab.Dover New Philadelphia Canton Akron Green Massillon Ohio Red Thread Adoption Photographer | Tuscarawas County and Stark County OH | Not all clients in above photos are from Red Thread Adoption Sessions)

© Brandi Williamson Photography | baby, family and adoption photographer serving Dover (44622) New Philadelphia (44663) OH and surrounding areas in Tuscarawas County, Stark County, Holmes County and Northeast Ohio | To book your session contact me via my website’s contact page to reserve your appointment!


Dover New Philadelphia OH children’s photographer | Easter Mini Sessions

Who’s ready for those adorable little chicks to chirp chirp chirp back into my studio? This year I am playing it safe for both the kids and the bunnies and opting out of bunny pictures. I will have chicks again and will enforce washing hands before you leave in addition to signing a safety/health waiver. Legalities! Gotta love them! 😉 We can also do photos without the chicks if you would prefer.

Dover New Philadelphia OH Easter Spring Sessions | Northeast Ohio Photographer | Tuscarawas County OH | Stark County OH |

Cost is listed above and there is a $25 non-refundable retainer required to book (retainer is deducted from total cost). Payments accepted are credit card (I can invoice you online), check (made out to Brandi Williamson Photography, mailing address is PO Box 301, Midvale OH 44653) or cash. No gift certificates please. Easter Mini Sessions are intended for up to 3 children (siblings please). $10 extra per child. Cousins and extended family can book back to back sessions. These are not intended for family sessions.

Saturday March 7th will be using the turquoise backdrop:
11AM | 11:30AM | 12PM | 12:30PM | 1PM | LUNCH | 2PM | 2:30PM | 3PM | 3:30PM | 4PM

Saturday March 14th will be using the cream colored backdrop:
11AM | 11:30AM | 12PM | 12:30PM | 1PM | LUNCH | 2PM | 2:30PM | 3PM | 3:30PM | 4PM

If you want to schedule a weekday (between 11AM – 2PM) between these dates I will have the chicks available then as well. These will be on select days and scheduled in-between other sessions as well.

I’m looking forward to another fantastic year of fun Easter sessions!!! Don’t forget, refer a **brand new** client to me and you can both receive a $20 credit (I will allow using this for Easter Mini Sessions this year too!!)

© Brandi Williamson Photography | child and children’s photographer serving Dover (44622) New Philadelphia (44663) OH and surrounding areas in Tuscarawas County, Stark County and Northeast Ohio | To book your session contact me via my website’s contact page to reserve your appointment!


Dover, New Philadelphia OH photographer | valentine mini session info

NOW BOOKING Valentine Mini Studio Sessions!

Pricing includes up to 2 siblings. $10 per additional child.

Available: weekdays in January and Saturday, January 24th at specific times listed

Email me at with VALENTINE MINI in the subject line to schedule yours. 🙂Ohio Photographer | Valentine Mini Session Info | © Brandi Williamson PhotographyNortheast Ohio Photographer |  Dover, New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County + surrounding area | Valentine Sessions | © Brandi Williamson Photography

Dover, New Philadelphia OH photographer | happy new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! What is your New Year’s resolution? Mine seems to always be similar to the last… to slow down and enjoy each moment and to not get wrapped up in the “should be doing…”, “but so-and-so is already doing this better…”, “I hate ____ about me, about my house, about etc etc” quite as much. ❤ Oh, and to de-clutter. MUST de-clutter. 😛

Of course I also plan on blogging more. I want to make this place more personable and not just a place to put some photos. I will be sharing more about my life, my kids and behind the scenes as well. A goal of mine this year is to photograph my family more… and be IN those photos as well. That poses a challenge for me because I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. Practice what you preach, right? 🙂 I even joined a year long photography workshop that will push me to do better and capture my own family on camera. In turn that will also help push me in my business goals and my mad camera skills. 😉 I love learning!! Never stop!

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In the comments, tell me what you plan to make 2015 do for you!! 😀 Now let’s DO THIS! NE Ohio Photographer |© Brandi Williamson Photography | | HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015Dover, New Philadelphia Ohio Photographer | © Brandi Williamson Photography | HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dover, New Philadelphia OH photographer | small changes for 2015

As you may have noticed, I’ve been trying to catch up on some blogging over the Christmas break and my slow season. Facebook has (once again) announced some changes for business pages that will make it harder for us to be seen beginning January 1st. While this isn’t anything new (they change things ALL.OF.THE.TIME.), this just gave me a much needed push to implement a few changes in the way I get in touch with you. While I do love Facebook and everything it’s done for my small growing business, I don’t want to rely on it either. I want my business to do well with or without FB. Most importantly, I want to be sure I can still reach my clients (YOU!!!) and vice versa if ever there isn’t a Brandi Williamson Photography business Facebook page. <—– In the meantime, there is the link for said page. 😉

Okay let’s bring on the new and improved BWP!!!! ……


Starting in 2015, I will be doing less Facebook and more blogging, Google+ and emails. Make sure you’re connected to see the latest from me and to find out about upcoming fun mini sessions and specials!! Follow my blog and subscribe via email too! Updates and photos will still be posted on Facebook, however I believe less of you will be able to view them. It’s already slim pickings now. :/ I don’t want anyone to be left out!


If you’ve previously booked, you are eligible to receive 2014 pricing. If you’d rather have the updated 2015 pricing, you may. Just tell me either way which you would prefer. 🙂 I’ve redesigned my pricing structure to ensure that everyone receives digitals AND professional prints. All sessions will now include both!!!

The “HALF” sessions will include a smaller amount of digitals and print proofs and be less of an investment for those on a budget. They have the option of adding more digitals if you desire only a few extra, plus a 10% discount on prints + products.

The “FULL” sessions are just that. You’ll receive all of the finished images in your gallery via digital download (CDs will still be available upon request) and you also will receive a 4×6 print proof of each image in your gallery!!!! AWESOME! And if that isn’t enough, you also get a $75 print credit to purchase other size prints (wallets, 5x7s, 8x10s, 10x13s, 11x14s or bigger!!!). Not to mention a 25% discount on said prints + products.

The Baby’s First Year Plans now come with… wait for it…. 10×10 CANVAS GALLERY WRAPS!!!!!!!!!!!! One from each milestone session! YES! Just think what an amazing display you’ll have a the end of the year! ❤

For those of you who do enjoy having professional prints and lots of them, I will still be offering my print packages in addition to the new all inclusive options. And the best news? My print prices will be lowered… A LOT! 🙂 YAY!

Retainer fee’s are now able to be paid for online with a few clicks! Easy peasy!!

You can view the new pricing structure now on my website under the Investment tab. CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE

Besides the print packages being lowered (again YAY!), if you really look in detail at the pricing…. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is going up in price. I’ve just combined it all together instead of session fee + digitals/prints/products. Now it’s just combined into an easy lump sum and much less confusing. Like I mentioned, the “FULL” sessions will still come with a print credit so you can purchase additional print sizes for your home and I am not taking away the print packages. Those are staying exactly the same… only cheaper. And who doesn’t like that? 😉

No worries, yes I will still be hosting my annual holiday mini sessions throughout the year. Easter chicks anyone? 😉


Dover, New Philadelphia photographer | © Brandi Williamson Photography Referall Program

Now, make sure to run… no walking… and sign up for the email list and also make sure you’re following this blog!!!! 🙂 You don’t want to miss anything in 2015!!!!! For now I’ll leave you with this adorable-y silly photo of my 2 youngest. ❤ We are loving Christmas break! How about you?

Dover, New Philadelphia Ohio lifestyle family photographer | © Brandi Williamson Photography

© Brandi Williamson Photography 2014 | Dover, New Philadelphia Ohio lifestyle family photographer