Dover New Philadelphia OH Photographer | Project 52 | selfie!

week 5 | selfie

It arrived. The week I was dreading. This week’s Finding Me: Project 52 theme is “YOU: selfie”. Don’t get me wrong, I love cell phone selfies. I take selfies with my kids or husband (does that count?), selfies with coffee, selfies with sunshine, selfies with new hair color or a cute style and whatever other random selfie mood might take over. But to take a selfie with my big girl camera… AND post it to my blog for everyone to see?! That’s different for some reason. It just IS! Thoughts ran through my mind…. “Be careful with the angle! Don’t show your double chin!” “Should I put more make-up on?” “Um I’m still holding my coffee cup….” “What about those dark circles and my scars?! Maybe I should edit those out…”

In the end I left all of it. I didn’t add anymore make-up than what I normally wear on a typical day. I left my dark circles because they tell a story of my life right now. Yes I have sleepless nights. I work late. I have 3 kids. I still have nightmares of my past. I have nightmares of what my mind makes up and the “what if….” takes over. Sometimes I just want to sit with my husband on the couch and mindlessly stare at the TV late into the night. Then I wake up early to start the day and get the kids dressed, fed and out the door to school. I left my scars because they tell a story of my past and what has helped shape me into who I am today. Do I feel beautiful? No. Do I feel like I look how I want to look? Absolutely not. Am I okay with all of this? Yes. I am more than okay with it. I am happy. I am blessed. I am loved. And that is beautiful. That is me.

Don’t forget this is our Finding Me: Project 52 blog circle. Visit Sarah Jastre Photography and see her take on this week’s theme. Please click through all of our links and leave us some love by liking and commenting on our posts, especially this week as it turns out selfie week was a difficult one for ALL of us to go through with. In discussing this week’s theme with each-other, we laughed, we cringed, we lifted each-other up, we cried, we criticized our bodies and we boosted each-other’s confidence. Why is it that we can so easily see the beauty in someone else but not ourselves? We, as a society, need to work on this. Let’s begin today.

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7 thoughts on “Dover New Philadelphia OH Photographer | Project 52 | selfie!

  1. Of course you’ve seen my selfie, edited scars and acne out, because of my own insecurities, so I definitely understand. But, saying that, I don’t see any imperfections in your self portrait. You are beautiful!

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