Dover, New Philadelphia OH family photographer | happy mother’s day weekend!

I recently saw this on a fellow photographer’s blog and absolutely loved the words she wrote. Breanna Peterson is a beautifully talented photographer and I wanted to give credit where credit is due. She is the one who wrote these amazing words and I know I couldn’t come up with anything to match it. Find her original blog post here on motherhood.

here I am, weaving a path between pride and exhaustion.
with sticky fingers, wrapped around my neck.
dirty kisses planted on my cheek.
bony bottoms softly wedged into my thigh.
laughter echoing between us.
curiosity glowing in six bright eyes.
confidence beaming in their strong steps.
amazement and awe wrapping its arms around me.

heavy eyelids sneaking an extended blink-
we balance.
arms out, one foot in front of the other,
we balance well.
& then we look at each other and we know.
I am here, children.
here I am, in motherhood.

happy mother’s day.
thank you, my three, for making me a mother.

In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow, I am running a special on gift certificates. For every $50 spent you will receive an additional $15. Email me at (or use the contact tab above) for more information.happy-mothers-day | Dover, New Philadelphia Ohio family photographer | Brandi Williamson PhotographyDover, New Philadelphia Ohio photographer | Mother’s Day | © Brandi Williamson Photography

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