Dover, New Philadelphia OH family photographer | atkins family & arie turns three!!

Love this family. Love this sweet little girl. Love this location. Loved this day. Seriously, perfection!

I first met little Arie way back in 2010 when she was still just a baby. Love repeat clients and getting to see these little ones grow up! She was adorable then and I think has even gotten cuter with each year. 🙂 And this location, well, I am a tad bit sad it’s their neighborhood land and I can’t just use it whenever I want! haha! I love it that much.

Arie was super mega shy when I first arrived, but with a little being silly from and a little ice cream bribing from her Momma & Daddy, she soon warmed up to the idea of pictures and then wanted to help me with everything! She helped me carry my blankets around, she helped to choose the spots we took photos at, she placed the little chair (that is specifically only reserved for special big girls turning 3 … 😉 … of course) exactly where she wanted to sit and she even chose the last little spot by the old water pump where the kitty liked to lounge…. hence the couple of photos towards the end with a plump little cat joined her. 🙂

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