Dover, New Philadelphia OH photographer | flash sale!!!

You asked for it and here it is! Email me at if you’re interested!

please read:
*must pay by August 31, 2012 (you can paypal me but please do so as a gift otherwise I get a chunk taken out for a paypal fee)
*session & print credit not to be used on a mini
*discounted session fee not to be used on a previously scheduled session

Dover, New Philadelphia OH child & family photographer | lora & nico

Yep. You guessed it. Yet another Momma client I graduated with! What can I say, we live in a small town. 😉 I think I first met Lora in 6th grade… ? I believe somewhere there is even a photo of her and the whole group of us at one of my birthday party sleepovers! Ohhhhhh boy. haha! As for Nico though, I first met him a little over a year ago for his newborn session. What a sweetie he was then and he sure didn’t disappoint me for his 1 year shoot either! He is full of grins and personality. Love it!!!

And I just have to add one in of just his beautiful Momma… Love you Lora!

Dover, New Philadelphia OH photographer | my life | my littles started school

I can’t believe it. How is it that my first born baby is old enough to be a THIRD GRADER?! More importantly, how am I old enough to HAVE a child old enough for third grade?! 😉 EEPS! And to add to that, my middle little has headed off into kindergarten. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them, I’m thrilled for them even. How exciting it must be for them to be embarking on this new journey!! But as for me, I am just going to hug and squeeze on my littlest little guy and cross my fingers he stays my baby for as long as I can manage it! HUGS to all you momma’s and daddy’s out there who are also sending your precious babies off to school!

Here are my girls at the back to school open house and meet the teacher night… Oh good gracious Izzy Gracie! 😛

And Emma on her first day of third grade… She is all kinds of beautiful, but I’m not biased or anything. 😉

And my precious, goofball of a middle little, Isabella on her very first day of kindergarten…

And you’d better believe she had to have sparkly nails too of course… 😉

My big grown up girls together… =)

Dover, New Philadelphia OH child & family photographer | cooper family & audrey’s 6 month shoot

Here’s yet another client Momma whom I have known since we were kids. I know, I know, I swear not all of my clients are childhood friends, but it makes my job pretty sweet when they are right? 😉 I first met little Audrey in her little butterfly get-up complete with wings for her newborn session and loved her instantly. To say it has been an easy 6 months photographing her…well…let’s just not go there. She is a feisty one to say the least! That being said, I’ve loved working with her and her family up til now and can’t wait to see her grow up over the next few years too! Here is a peek into her 6 month session and her family session as well. 🙂

Dover, New Philadelphia OH engagement photographer | katie & scott

Ahhhh Katie & Scott’s engagement session. Insert big puffy heart! They knew before even meeting with me that they would like it shot on their family’s land. I am so happy they did! Imagine lots of hills, trees, barbed wire fencing, gravel roads. It makes my heart happy just thinking about it. We were a little nervous the day of their shoot with the crazy weather we had been having and the dark clouds looming over our heads but it all worked out beautifully. I give you… Katie & Scott. I can’t wait for their 2013 wedding!

Dover, New Philadelphia OH newborn photographer | tristan

I love photographing newborns. That being said, it makes it even more special and fun for me when I know the parents. I graduated with Tristan’s Momma (no, I am not mentioning the year we graduated haha). I still remember her just like that, in HS mode. 😉 And I mean that in the nicest way! She was super sweet, smart, funny and of course one of the lucky gorgeous ones. When she contacted me during her pregnancy asking me to photograph her new baby when he or she makes their appearance, I was thrilled! And to add to the excitement was the fact that they kept it a surprise, to themselves included, on the sex of their new little bundle. EEPS! Ooooo and I get to photograph this cute little guy every few months throughout his entire first year since he is my latest baby plan member! Love it!

Meet 9 days new Tristan. Born July 16th at 9:15PM. 8 lbs 13 oz. 20 inches.

brown wrap from lilian.grace | owl hat by Aleksandra Nagrant on Etsy

Dover, New Philadelphia OH wedding photographer | mcqueen knisely wedding

I first met Angie & Kurt in August of 2010 when they brought their 3 month old baby to me for pictures. I instantly loved them! They are a fun loving family and even brought their Harley in for a few family photos. See below: (and wow look how much my style has changed over the past couple of years!!)

2010 McQueen Knisely Family

Fast forward to 2012 and they are getting married!! I loved everything about their day, the details, the company, the atmosphere, seriously everything!! Angie didn’t even let the fact that her wedding gown was run over by a Gator (I think that’s what that contraption we were riding in was called?!) while she was wearing it and even pre-ceremony! Don’t worry, her fabulous bridesmaids fixed it all up. 😉 This wedding had just about everything I would hope for as a photographer… a horse drawn ‘carriage’, motorcycles, outdoors & woodsy, a barn, flower petals, beautiful reception details… I could go on and on, but let me just show you a peek into their day. =)

I wanted to also add in a little peek at their gorgeous wedding album. It is UBER-DELICIOUS looking! 😉